Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wonderful Experiences

This photo was taken with the city of Brisbane and the Brisbane River in the background. 
Elder Tupuola, recuperating from surgery at our flat,
was visited by Brandon Wong See, our neighbor.
John and Sheila Goddard, a lovely non-member couple, who are interested
in the church are being taught by the missionaries in our area.
Breakfast with the Gold Coast Zone after our session at the Brisbane Temple 
We served lunch to the Coomera Zone after our temple session.
P-Day with the Cleveland Zone

Some of the neighbors in our complex came to
visit when Elder Murakami stayed with us.  He taught all the children how to do origami.

Elder and Sister Miller spent the night with us.  They are the missionary couple that serve in Gladstone.

The Zone Leaders Council with President and Sister Henderson. It was wonderful
to be part of the training to learn about the "He Is The Gift" initiative.

We rescued these missionaries from the airport when their flights home
were cancelled because of a mix up with tickets.  They made a memory.

Our Christmas gift to the elders and sisters in our zones was to polish their shoes during zone meeting. They loved the surprise!

The new Cleveland Zone after transfers.

The new Gold Coast Zone after transfers.  We will
miss the missionaries who left but are excited to
get to know other wonderful servants of the Lord.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mission experiences

Elder Madsen next to Elder Chase Hansen.  He plays as quarterback at the U of U.  Elder Madsen thinks he is so great he could become a Ute fan.
         Our Book of Mormon display at Cleveland Stake Conference.  The missionaries gave out           80 Book of Mormons to the members so they could share the gospel with someone they know.

Elder Gifford Nielsen, President and Sister Maurer of the Cleveland Stake with us.

 The Brisbane Temple in the background when we hosted at the temple grounds for the G20 Summit.
The Gold Coast Zone having breakfast after our temple session.

We enjoyed lunch with the Coomera Zone after a session at the Brisbane Temple.

       We had an exciting time watching Elder Murakami demonstrate origami to the neighbors.

                      We love the beautiful Poinciana trees with the red blossoms that line the streets.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mission experiences

  Our experiences are varied and fulfilling.

Our dear friends, Elder and Sister Mizukawa arrived
to serve in our mission, too.  They stayed with us for
the weekend before traveling to Townsville, in 
northern Australia, where they will serve.

All the senior missionaries in the Australia Brisbane Mission participated in a Senior Conference.  We enjoyed training, sharing experiences, eating, visiting, hiking and getting to know each other better.  WE LOVED IT!  So many great people!!!

We have visited New South Wale a couple of times for district meetings with the 
elders and sisters. It is part of the Gold Coast Zone.  The landscape is beautiful
with rolling hills, farms and a glimpse of the ocean along the way. 

This was a picture taken at the Sister's Conference.  All the sister missionaries met
to be instructed by President and Sister Henderson. The sisters from the Northern Zones watched by skype.


         Sister Smith (next to Elder Madsen) and
         her companion, Sis. Isenberger came to
         visit on her last night in the mission. She
         went home to New Zealand.

The Gold Coast Zone at Stake Conference on November 1, 2014.  We gave 80 
Book of Mormons to the stake members to give to someone.  The missionaries 
will follow up with them in a few weeks and then teach the referrals.

Coomera Zone P-Day 
We visited Tambourine Mountain and hiked to a waterfall.

Then we returned to our flat for dinner.


....and other activities like giving haircuts in our garage.

We love the purple jacaranda trees in  bloom everywhere here in Queensland.  
What a glorious spring it has been!

                      A photo outside the church on transfer day.  Everyone is always so excited to                          
                                   see a former companion.  No one wants to leave when it is over.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mission life

We attended Gold Coast and Coomera Zone Conferences.  We received powerful presentations from President and Sister Henderson on Lehi's Dream and the Doctrine of Christ.

The elders were goofing off in this picture.

We attended a temple session with the Coomera Zone.

This kangaroo or wallaby was on the church grounds 
one afternoon as we drove up for zone conference.

I invited Hope and Jada, two girls in our complex, to help me make 
cookies one afternoon.  It was a fun way to get to know our neighbors.

Elders and Sisters from the Cleveland and Brisbane Zones 
during another wonderful zone conference.

This is a picture of our back patio and yard.  The grass we planted is
growing and the flowers add some needed color.  We have a table and
two chairs so we can eat outside if we have extra time.

Our Senior Missionary Conference on Mount Tambourine  - note
that Elder and Sister Mizukawa are in the picture - so fun to have them here.
We also had instruction at the chapel to assist us in our mission assignments.
We loved meeting all the senior couples and listening to their experiences.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Mission 2014


We continue to enjoy our missionary life.  The elders and sisters are powerful teachers and great examples of the culture of Christ.  Our responsibilities now include Golden orientation.  The Goldens are the new missionaries.  Elder Madsen prepared a power point presentation about adjusting to mission life with help from the tech savvy missionaries.

Before a baptism, the Zone Leaders Elder Niania and Elder Robison showed Elder Madsen how to make a few changes to the slides.

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Sunday dinner in our flat with the Latu family, a girlfriend, her little brother, another neighbor and the sister missionaries. We had a great time getting to know them and their traditions from New Zealand.  

We took this picture from the top of the mountain near the church after a district meeting.  The buildings in the background are of Southport, a suburb of Brisbane.  We have only seen the green areas of Australia to date - beautiful trees and flowers.  The birds sing and sing and sing.

One Friday night we invited the Patuaka family to dinner.  He is the ward mission leader in our ward. He suggested that we include a non-member lady in our complex.  Ann Marie (next to Elder Madsen)
is a delightful person that has now become a friend.

Missionaries from the Coomera and Gold Coast Zones met for Zone Conference on September 26, 2014.  We felt the spirit as we listened to the training from President and Sister Henderson.  The missionaries practiced "teaching people, not lessons."  Preach My Gospel continues to inspire us.

Yesterday we cleaned up our little backyard and spread grass seed on the bare spots.  Elder Madsen also transplanted some of the plants in the flower beds.  After we finished, the Lord blessed us with rain.  We will show a follow up picture when the grass grows.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Missionary Work Goes Forward

It was transfer day on Tuesday.  We participated in the meeting with President 
and Sister Henderson as the sisters and elders met their new companions.  

                   Transfer Meeting was inspiring as we listened to direction from our leaders.

We snapped this picture of the elders and sisters from the Cleveland Zone after their district meeting. They are amazing missionaries who know how to teach the gospel.

The senior couples dined at a Turkish restaurant following our Senior Couples Meeting about zone conferences.  The owner brought our traditional hats for the elders.  Dan even ate some of the food (chicken and rice).  We are so blessed to be surrounded by such great missionaries.