Monday, May 25, 2015

Missionary Work

Elders from the Coomera Zone

Sisters from the Coomera Zone  - sister on the left is Manu, a recent convert.                     
More elders from the Coomera Zone

            Coomera Zone at Temple Day in May 2015 - They are such great missionaries.

         Elder Huntington, a Coomera Zone Leader, who is from Orangeville, Utah

                   This is the scene near our flat where we can run a 4.5 km route around the lake.

                  Elder and Sister Richins from Salt Lake City, a  new senior couple, joined 
                          Elder and Sister Mizukawa at our flat for dinner one evening.

                 We met as senior couples to say good-by to Elder and Sister Montague.

                        The Cleveland Zone enjoyed lunch after the temple session.

                  The Cleveland Zone at the temple in May 2015 - oh, how we love them.

                               Elder Madsen is doing yard work in his missionary attire.