Friday, August 14, 2015

Mission Memories

We attended the temple with the Cleveland Zone.
Elder Dunlop and Elder Graves needed our help to deep clean
a missionary fat that will no longer be used. They are pictured
in the very clean kitchen.
We will miss the Gold Coast Zone.  Our assignment
no longer includes that area of the mission.
Elder Madson from Payson Utah finished his mission this week.
Elder Matu and Elder Stephens came to dinner with
our investigator, Telmo, who is being taught by the missionaries.

Elder Madsen with Elder Gardner and
Elder Murakami in Toowoomba, a lovely city in the mountains west of Brisbane.


Sister Limoni is always happy.  She goes home to Tonga this week.            

We spent many hours with Elder Motuliki in the hospital, at our flat and in our zones.  He is a great elder who returns to Tonga.
Elder Kioa is another great elder from Tonga who returns home.

Two more great elders from Tonga - Elder Otuafi and Elder Hakalo also return home this week.  We loved serving with them.
Elder Madsen with Elder Hakalo

Elder Wu from China leaves for his home, too.

The Cleveland Zone at zone meeting - such great missionaries!
We will miss Elder Hatch from Canada.

Elder Cooper came from North Carolina and goes home to Idaho.
We have come to rely on the office elders for help with various
projects - Elder Westenskow, Elder Campbell and Elder Narramore.