Sunday, August 24, 2014

Missionary Medical Training

           We wanted to include the pictures of all the senior couples who entered the MTC with us.

We spent this week in Salt Lake City participating in the missionary medical training.  We had expected that this week would not be as spiritual as the MTC, but each day we were surprised how everything could be related to the scriptures and the gospel.  The spirit in missionary work is incredible!

Elder John Lyman, Sister Marvia Drake and Elder Drake 

Elder and Sister Drake were the instructors for our training.  They have served four missions and shared wonderful experiences with us.  Elder Drake and Elder Lyman are called as counselors to Elder Schwitzer on the Missionary Committee.   Elder Schwitzer and his wife spoke to our group on Monday morning.  Their messages were so uplifting.  Other people also spoke on different subjects relating to the health of missionaries.  We came to realize the great importance that the church places on the well-being of His servants.  If they are not healthy, they are not able to spread the gospel.

We met with 20 other senior missionaries in our training who were either physicians/nurses and their spouses.  We are going to all parts of the world - United States, Africa, Germany, Chile and Australia.   We are all so excited to go forth to serve.

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