Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week One At the MTC

We have had a great week at the MTC !!!  We will always be grateful for the experience of the last week --- incredible is the best word for describing the events of the last 5 days.   The Spirit,  positive attitude, and awesome organization have been amazing.  Jane and I have often been out of our comfort zone, but good things have resulted.   There is no question that  the missionary work is led by inspired leaders who are well prepared to spread the gospel at this time.   Our instructors have been returned missionaries who truly are gifted in teaching and we have learned a great deal from them.  The devotionals and video presentations of Elder Holland have been exceptionally uplifting.  On the lighter side Elder Holland reminded the senior couples that they needed to "lengthen their shuffles."    President Bill Graff and his wife have been with us at the MTC  and we will spend the next week together  for missionary medical training in SLC.   In this brief message we want to express gratitude for the opportunity to serve and we are committed to doing our best in providing what ever service is asked.   Our love goes out to everyone.
Our MTC District
President and Sister Graff with us
This is where we hope to land  --- Brisbane Australia

We learned the meaning of living out of suitcases while at Wyview

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