Friday, June 5, 2015

A Day at the Zoo

                            We spent a day at the zoo recently with Elder and Sister Mizukawa,                                   but somehow we did not take many pictures with people.

        We thought this was a good pose with the alligator sculpture near the entrance.

                                              This was a huge lizard!


This owl sat on the arm of the zoo worker.

These two alligators were some of the smaller ones we saw.


This parrot was the most colorful one we have seen in Australia.
Koalas are still one of our favorite Australian animals - so calm and not frightening.

Elder Madsen almost stepped on the kangaroo who was sitting down.
                 You would not want to meet this alligator up close.  He has a powerful bite.

All the animals had large open areas to roam in.  The tigers and giraffes seemed very much at home in their surroundings.

There are so many birds in Australia and they make a lot of noise. Many different one are housed at the zoo.


          Australia is a great place for birdwatchers.                                  You would never be bored.  

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